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Xinyitong Translation is a professional translation service company in ShangHai and Beijing providing high quality technology interpretation, written translation and instant translation in various languages for different industrial sectors. 

Xinyitong Translation provides services for telecommunication, IT, medicine & pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical, culture, finance, securities, law, contract, bid documents. We promise to provide first class service to our customers with fast and quality service.

We will get you closer to the world and help you to speed up your pace!
Our motto is to provide quality service to our customers, honest to our customers and be a trustworthy partner.

■Provide Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages translation services
■Provide software and website localization services 

[Written Translation] 

■Literature: essay, poem, advertisement, magazine
■Business: finance, insurance, human resource, accounting, sales, marketing, business correspondence, facsimile, research report, proposal, feasibility report, annual report, financial analysis report, various fiscal report, auditing report, commercial agreement, company policy, agreement, memo, media advertisement, poster, sales brochure, sales handbook,quotation, promotion material, service brochure, company profile, news release, certificate etc.
■Technology: mechanical, electronics, network, software project management, telecommunication, medicine, chemistry, energy environmental protection, home appliance, construction, metallurgy, military affairs, textile, bid document, product description, catalog, brochure, sample, installation manual, user guide, technical specification, technology standard, industry standard etc.
■Law: contract, statute, constitution, agreement, notarization, certificate, memo etc.
■Corporation Management: ordinance, company policy, bulletin, notice etc.
■Personal Materials: certificate, notarized material, trust deed, invitation letter, study abroad documents, letter, resume, transcription, international driver license, thesis and all type of certificates 


■Accompany Interpretation, On-site Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation 

[Additional Services] 

■Free pick up and delivery service 

[Follow Up Services] 

■Free explanation on translation and one time free modification (but does not include any change in original content) 

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